Tiger Woods " Master of the Blade"

This year’s Masters tournament has kicked off with a renewed vigor and excitement; thanks to a "Tiger Watch". Fourteen Months removed from a devastating car accident; Tiger Woods is back competing for a green jacket! His swing may have suffered a slight ball speed reduction, however Tiger's command and creativity with the club gives golf's goat more than a legitimate chance to WIN!

Tiger's hand/eye coordination and dexterity have always been a marvel to watch on the golf course. His ability to shape shots, manipulating ball flight and distance, from nearly any conceivable lie is the stuff of legend. The club, through rigorous training and refinement, has become an extension of Tiger Woods' very being. Masters of the martial arts describe a similar feeling or state. Samurai and swordsmen of legend, have been rumored to have been able to cut flames and raindrops. The philosophy is to train one's reflexes, so that 'action' can be taken without conscious thought. If this is achieved, one's only limitation is... imagination.

Tiger Woods Master of the Blade