The Philosophy Of Cobra Kai vs Miyagi Do


Two philosophies that transcend martial arts, and can be applied to everything from golf, to the corporate rat race, to the spirit of competition itself! They are two wildly different approaches to the same pursuit. Two worlds that could not be further apart, yet at the end of the day, both seek to realize the same goal: excellence in martial arts. But defining excellence can mean many things, and as we will discover, Cobra Kai and Miyagi Do operate on completely different planes of belief, methodology and purpose.


Cobra Kai

In the world of martial arts, there are rarely any absolutes. Things such as Strength and Precision can be used to get better at any style of martial arts — but proper training is necessary to make that happen. Training in different disciplines can help a person learn faster, but this is not always possible. Cobra Kai’s philosophy of Striking Hard and Striking First is something which can be applied to anyone's game - whether they train in many different styles or even focus on one technique. Strike hard, strike first. Calculate your weaknesses, then immediately eliminate them. Outthink, then outplay your opponent with nothing more than the weapon you were born with and the knowledge inside you. The ‘way of the fist’ focuses on a primal coded instinct to survive by any means necessary. To best use this style of martial arts, the fighter must have an absolute fortitude and mental resolve. Doubt, fear, hesitation act only as knots, holding oneself back. Instead store this energy pure in a coil; potential ready to convert into kinetic in a decisive strike!

Miyagi Do

Miyagi teaches the importance of balance, both in martial arts and in life. Balance is the key to a sound defense, and from which even a man to weather the sea. Miyagi also teaches the importance of training the muscles, so that they may react on instinct, and without conscious thought. Miyagi's focus on balance and control is exemplified through the use of body weight and precision. Miyagi is able to find just the right distance between himself and his opponent due to his mastery of his own biomechanics and fluid motion. Never hurried, never late.


 It’s interesting to see how certain individuals are able to get certain results while others cannot. Self confidence and attitude can sometimes be the difference maker. It takes a tremendous amount of strength to be bold and have self-confidence. Strength and precision work together like hand and glove, because one wouldn’t be as powerful without the other.  Miyagi Do’s focus on  Timing and Rhythm are essential to any ambitious golf swing or entrepreneur. These tools are keys to consistency and predictability. You need to have the ability to forecast results, and adjust effortlessly to any outliers.  Both disciplines stress the importance of training with a vision of what mastery looks like to you, and allow that image to further render and resolve. Train the body, so that your only limit is your imagination; your brain’s ability to foresee a victory or solution. Success is born in imagination. It is when you look at a different angle, see possibility where others see none, and choose to take action, that you win those shots and make those decisions.